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Classes and Rates

TAKE FLIGHT TALENT WORKSHOPS teaches participants current show business trends straight from working professional actors and models. Our committed staff has many years of experience in all facets of the industry.

We offer skills and insights that greatly increase your chances of getting work in theater, film, TV, and modeling. You will learn techniques and gain the confidence needed to compete and succeed in show business!

learning Acting is fun!

You Should Sign up for Our Engaging Classes If: 

  • You are trying to break into the industry 
  • You are curious about acting or modeling

  • You wonder if show business is for you 
  • You are the parent or guardian of a child under 18 

You Will Learn:

  • What it really takes to be a paid actor and extra 
  • How you can model in ads, fashion showrooms, and shows
  • How much money you can realistically earn per job
  • Lesser known high-paying show business careers
  • What area of show business is right for you
  • Basic audition and acting techniques

  • Who’s who and who does what in the industry
  • How to avoid wasting money and time with scams
  • What parents of child performers must do
  • Why classes are necessary
  • Things you always wanted to know
  • How to get started immediately

There’s so much you can learn from us. Find out by attending our FREE hour-long workshop: “Getting Into Show Business at Any Age”