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Modeling Classes

Learn all you need to know about how to become a model for different kinds of media at TAKE FLIGHT TALENT WORKSHOPS. Gain a clearer idea of the modeling classes we offer by reading this section.

3M – How to Become a Model: Fashion, Print, and Etc. - $29.99

Models of all sizes and ages can work when in the right market. Learn the qualifications for the many categories of modeling such as runway, fit, catalog, convention, showroom, and print ads. We will help you determine where you fit in and what you need to get started.

4M – How to Become a Promotional Model/Brand Ambassador (For Individuals 18 Years and Older) - $29.99

This high-paying category offers four-hour or longer assignments and has no size or skill requirements. You are hired to introduce samples or promote products to the general public. Learn what is required from current booking requests, where to get the jobs, and if it’s for you.

5M – How to Walk, Pose, and Train to Be a Fashion and Commercial Print Model - 2 Sessions - $59.99

Learn current industry walks, turns, and poses for runways and catalogs. Find your best camera angles for print and presentation skills. Learn how to choose your best shots for putting together a composite card and portfolio.

6M – How to Audition in Person, on Camera and by At Home Self-Tapes - 2 Sessions - $59.99

Learn to audition in front of a video camera with and without products, props and scripts. The best tips on how to make your audition stand out and what NOT to do or wear in front of Casting personnel.


Photo Shoot Prep and Headshot Tips: Clothes Styles, Colors, Makeup, and Hair - $29.99

There really are clothes and colors you should and should NOT wear for professional pictures. Learn how personal style choices will make your photos 'pop' and bring out YOUR best based on your casting “types”.

Beginning Actor/Model Resume Creation - $34.99

Learn how to put together a creative beginning resume by using your skills, hobbies, classes, and life experiences even without professional acting/modeling experience.

Photo Shoot With Professional Show Business Photographer - $225.00

Each of our photographers is highly skilled when it comes to working with show business talent. You will receive a personal CD of your photos and 2 finished prints.

Marketing Yourself - $35.99

Learn to promote yourself with headshots and composite cards online and in person. Find out trusted websites to join and follow, places to go to network and ways to be seen by agents.