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Our Classes and Rates

TAKE FLIGHT TALENT WORKSHOPS provides individuals of all ages with a wide range of beginning acting and modeling workshops. We guarantee every session is always informative, relevant, and interactive. Our workshop sessions are held in a mid-town Manhattan, NY studio space according to age groups. Browse this page to learn about the classes we offer.

Basic Showbiz Business ( 3 sessions total)

These are necessary classes for beginners and those interested in the many aspects of acting and modeling. They are packed with current information that will lay a solid foundation and direction for you to grow. KNOW the business BEFORE you START the business!

Basic Showbiz Business #1 (Required) - $29.99

  • About Acting – Film, TV, Theater, and More
  • Background Acting Is Exciting EXTRA Work
  • Many Money-Making Modeling Categories
  • Which Categories Do YOU Fit In?
  • Current Industry and Beginning Pay Rates
  • What Is Required for Children Under 18 to Work?
  • Spotting Scams and Slick Sites 
  • Non-Union does Not mean Non-Paying

Basic Showbiz Business #2 (Required) 2 Sessions - $59.99 

  • Show Business Vocabulary
  • Who’s Who and Who Does What
  • How to Become Union
  • Pre-Performance Warm-Up Exercises
  • Audition Procedures
  • Individual Short Commercial Practice
  • The Casting Process
  • About Headshots, Videos, and Portfolios

All of Our Sessions Include:

  • Professional, Personal Instruction
  • Info-Packed Take Home Handouts

  • Interactive Exercises
  • Practice With Authentic Scripts

Safety First

Your child’s safety is important to us, which is why we require children ages 7-12 to have a parent or guardian accompany them. Do not worry as accompanying your child in class is free of charge.

Take Advantage of Our Family Discount

Encourage your brother, sister, or relative to sign up and enjoy our family discount. We offer 20% off for each additional member of the family living in the same household.