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Acting Classes

Start and sharpen your acting skills with help from TAKE FLIGHT TALENT WORKSHOPS. We offer comprehensive beginning acting classes from experienced actors. Find out more about our offerings by reading the information below.

3A – How to Become a Paid Background Actor - $34.99

Learn invaluable tips on how YOU can stand out from the crowd in non-speaking roles and the best way to get paid work on TV shows and films again and again. Interactive exercise with script and casting lists included.

4A – How to Become an Actor: Stage, Screen, and TV (For Ages 7-17/18+) 2 Sessions - $59.99

Learn fundamental acting techniques, vocabulary, theater exercises that stimulate the imagination, how to mark and read a script, and how to react and respond naturally.

5A – How to Know Your Character, Your Scene, and Who’s in It (For Ages 7-12/13-17/18+) 2 Sessions - $59.99, more available 

This will teach you how to determine the details and motivation of your character. Learn dynamic scene understanding and how to relate to other people, places, and things in the scene using improvisation and scripts.

6A – How to Audition on Camera (For Ages 7-12/13-17/18+) 2 Sessions - $59.99, more available

Learn dynamic tools on how to get relaxed, noticed, and win the audition whether you’ve had the script for minutes or days. Practice with real audition scripts and see on camera what the casting directors see.